Just your friendly neighbourhood Cuck.

My first ever call was a man who had a Cuckolding fetish. For those of you who don’t know what that is, a Cuckold likes to watch their partner have sex, or rather be fucked by another person. Generally, the Cuckold is a male who likes to watch their partner, generally a female, have sex with another man. The Cuckold cannot participate in the activity – simply watch.

I’ve never had an interest in that fetish, but I’m being paid for it, so I can’t really complain. It was a nice thing to begin with really. Being his third-time calling experience, we nervously stuttered out our names as directed by the automated voice telling us to introduce ourselves to one another. I found out that he was a Canadian-Lebanese who had a thing for being submissive. For confidentiality reasons, I won’t release a name or age.

He asked me how old I was and where I was from, to which I replied 18 and England. He asked me for my name – so I gave him my alias. I’ve found that using an alias can provide a buffer between the fantasy and the reality, which you can take comfort in sometimes – particularly in a bad call.

One thing I also learnt was this – you can’t fake it. If you’re not in the call, they can tell. Ergo, you can’t wash the dishes as you moan down the phone. In this case, we were in his room while I was being bent over the desk by another man…and so on.

All in all, it was a positive first experience and lasted for just over 17 minutes. Making a tidy £15, I was happy with that. Normally it’d take me over 2 hours of work in my everyday retail job to make that amount – and yet I was making that in minutes.

And at least I could do it in my pyjamas.


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